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Akbuk in Turkey where green meets blue

An honest appraisal from local residents Akbuk Rob & Akbuk Marie

Akbuk is in the centre of Turkey's favourite coastline between Bodrum and Kusadasi, a superb location set in a pleasant naturalAkbuk Seafront environment by the Aegean sea. Akbuk is surrounded by forests with olive and pine trees. The region has many small clean beaches and bays, the sea is clean, safe and warm.

Akbuk has a high oxygen rich atmosphere which can be good for people suffering from asthmatic ailments, although it can get a bit dusty on windy days due to the many unfinished roads and dry tracks.

Akbuk was once a fishing village but has evolved into a holiday location for thousands of Turkish people from all over the country, many of whom own second homes here.

Situated at the foot of a long bay Akbuk is largely untouched and unspoiled by the major tourist industry. With an average of 300 sunny days a year and a gentle breeze from the surrounding hills to cool you down especially in the peak summer months when temperatures can reach into the 40's Celsius.


Akbuk is 70 Km from Bodrum (Milas) airport and 140 Km from Izmir airport, 60 Km from Kusadasi and just 20 Km from the resort of Didim/Altinkum with a regular cheap bus service.

Akbuk is close to many historical Greek and Roman sites such as Ephesus and The House of the Virgin Mary, The Temple ofAkbuk Mosque Apollo at Didyma, The Theatre of Miletus and the ancient City of Priene with The Temple of Athena. If you enjoy historical sites there is much to see in Turkey.

Things to do

Various boat trips which visit nearby islands & bays are available from Akbuk harbour in the summer. A few boats also offer fishing trips. If you are a keen angler why not try your luck for Sea Bass, Bream and Tuna etc. Water sports are limited but it may be possible to arrange something with one of the local resort centres.

Many bars have music & entertainment and for the night clubbers the Sahte Cennet Beach Club & Disco (7 Km from the town centre) offer dancing well into the night. The town is host to 2-3 open air live Turkish music festivals every summer.

There is a weekly open air market every Friday where you can buy many items such as fruit & vegetables, meat, chicken and fish etc. Barter for leather goods, clothes, household items, rugs, flying carpets and much more.

Dining out

Akbuk town has a good choice of restaurants and café bars, enough to cater for most tastes and preferences. Choose from tastyRestaurant in Akbuk Turkish cuisine to British steak & chips. No Indian curry house or Chinese take away yet but plenty of choice.

Checkout the Restaurants section for articles about new restaurants in the town and read some of the many comments sent in by readers who have dined in some of the restaurants in Akbuk.


Akbuk has a variety of shops and supermarkets selling just about everything for your daily needs, hairdressers, barbers, furniture, household, electrical, hardware, clothes, Internet café's, dentist, chemists, builders & plumbers merchants etc. Being a Muslim town pork is not readily available in Akbuk.

The Down Sides

Water shortages in the summer accompanied by occasional power cuts all year round.

Mosquitoes although the council spray every day throughout the summer, because Akbuk is surrounded by forests mossies areAkbuk Bay Island a problem especially in spring & autumn.

Street dogs cause many problems. It is against the law in Turkey to put down a healthy dog and there is neither the money nor the will to tackle the problem properly, consequently many are simply left to roam the streets. Please do not feed these dogs at restaurants, we have to live here in the winter when they form packs and turn nasty. People and their pets have have been attacked, in addition some of them may carry diseases.

Poor infrastructure Akbuk does not have mains sewerage and the roads are not the best to say the least. The local council do a marvellous job with the resources they have but with a permanent residential population of just 4,000 people or so, central & regional government funding tends to go elsewhere.

New construction despite the fact that many properties remain unsold and some builders have gone out of business, new construction continues to erode away the hills surrounding the bay.

Let's Dispel A Few Myths

We constantly read on some builders and developers website's all manner of nonsense about Akbuk.
Some are misleading, some are inaccurate and some are downright lies. Here are a few examples :-

Fiction:  A new road is being built from Bodrum airport directly into Akbuk and this should bring travelling time down to about 30 minutes.
Fact:  Bodrum airport is 70 Km by road, even exceeding the speed limits the journey will always take more than an hour. There is a shorter route through the forests (not for the faint hearted), it is about 45 Km from Akbuk town centre to the airport and winds around the Beşparmak Mountain. For more than 10 years claims have been made this road is to be improved, the simple fact is it is not feasible to turn this track into a major road, there's a mountain in the way! If such a road was ever built it would mean all traffic to & from the busy resort of Altinkum going through the middle of Akbuk, there is no way around.

Fiction:  A magnificent new marina and yacht club has been built in Akbuk.
Fact:  The new 625 berth marina was built in Altinkum some 25 Km away. Akbuk has a very nice harbour but certainly not deep enough nor big enough for much more than our resident fishing boats. There are no plans for any major alterations which would spoil our harbour and pollute the bay.

Fiction:  Two new golf courses are to be built in/close to Akbuk.
Fact:  No golf courses are planned anywhere near Akbuk. One golf course was intended to be built between Akbuk and Didim by İstanbul based Atlas Investments Enterprises but the project was cancelled in 2010 by the Ministry of Tourism in favour of selling the land off in smaller plots.
The nearest golf club is close to Kusadasi, The Kusadasi Golf & Spa Resort about 45-50 minsaway. Vita Park 10 Km the other side of Bodrum airport has two 18 hole courses.

Don't believe all the hype:  If you are looking for property investment with high capital appreciation and rental income your money would probably be better spent elsewhere. If on the other hand you seek a scenic, relaxing, sun-soaked location to enjoy your holidays or even retirement then Akbuk might be just the place for you.