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14 March 2013
Hi all We went to Akbuk to see what it was like well never again as my wife was eaten alive with Mozes and took a very bad reaction to their bits and had to go to hospital and they kept her in for 2 days we have never been bitten in all the time we have been going to Altinkum before so be warned
Brian Boyd - Stranraer Scotland
04 February 2013
Hello,i am a long standing friend of David Higginson,who i understand is a good friend of yours,i think your web-site is realy great, with lots, of very interesting information,i hope both my wife,and i will be able to meet you, when we come and spend three weeks with him May 6th to 27th.
Norman,and Beryl Nicholson - Grantham,Lincolnshire
26 January 2013
In all this snow and ice in the UK, your website helps keep me going. Keep up the good work!
Matt - Manchester
25 January 2013
Looking at Akbuk for the 1st time and this site is an excellent place to start it has everything you need to know, keep up the great work.
Lorna Macro - Essex in the UK
13 January 2013
Hey your guys. I think you deserve a medal for what you do to bring Akbuk to the attention of those that don't even know where it is. You are good people and great friends. Keep up the good work guys. Bless the pair of you.
Tig's - right here with my bestest friends
21 December 2012
Thank you, very useful site. Found you within search engine. Happy Christmas to you all and wish you happiness in 2013
Anita Grainger - Fethiye
22 November 2012
I find your website very informative and helpful. It has lots of useful information and interesting facts and figures.
Freddy - london
17 November 2012
I've referred to your website several times in the last few months. And I am now in the process of buying a property in Akbuk. Keep up the good work!
Anita - Devon, UK
11 November 2012
I have just followed your instructions for obtaining our Kimlik numbers and they were spot on and we got our numbers easily. Many thanks for providing this information.
Vivienne Mallinder - Didim
02 November 2012
Great stuff. Well researched.
Deane Hume - Istanbul
24 October 2012
Congratulations on putting together a very informative website where everything works. I'm glad that the visiting public are being made aware of all the many pitfalls exist. Having lived in Turkey for several years in the past, it was very sad seeing so many people being taken advantage of, mostly because they couldn't take their "rose-coloured glasses" off!! I hope to visit Akbuk soon - it looks a delightful place. Thank you - Jenni
Jenni Fogarty - Louth
11 October 2012
I'm so glad I found this web site as we own an apartment in Akbuk ( blue seascape) and as we will not be there for a while ( owing to us just having twins ) it will be good to keep up to date with what is happening in the area.
Derek Burchett - Portsmouth
25 September 2012
Great website, lots of useful information and resources about Akbuk. Keep up the good work! - Altinkum
23 September 2012
I have just spent several hours trawling through your site and I have to say it is the most informative site I have yet visited, totally devoted to the area it serves with no flannel and both sides of the coin discussed (positives and negatives), fantastic job guys, well done!! Thank you for a load of help and advice, I will always go to your website first before I explore locally for the info I need.
12 August 2012
Just returned from two glorious weeks in Akbuk. Thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the clear but surprisingly fresh sea up past the two big hotels. We drove towards Didem and at the end of the village parked within inches of the sea, where the bay is shallow and sandy. Everyone we met was friendly and relaxed and the food excellent. Please, please buy your fruit from the fruit market - the cherries and peaches were out of this world! Lake Bafa was stunning and it was well worth the drive round to Herakleia - like going back in time, just be prepared for the enthusiastic ladies selling their trinkets!
Sharon Ivall - Chichester, West Sussex
11 August 2012
We bought a villa in July there and take over in November. Thanks for the good information on your website. What we saw there is what you say on the site. We are really looking forward to live in there.
Wolfgang and Stewart - Munich and Wrexham
10 August 2012
Coming your way next Saturday. Can't wait. Mxx
Michele - Ruislip
05 August 2012
Hi Rob and Marie, We are home now enjoying rain and cold (not!) only had a few dry days to watch the games. We keep visiting your site to stay up with the latest news.Please continue the great work.
Matt & Haze - Manchester
01 August 2012
We have just purchased a Villa in Akbuk, so looking forward to being there for 2 weeks in November . Thanks to this site for some useful information
Stewart - Wrexham & Munich
29 July 2012
Hi Rachel from Bury greater Manchester England. Just to say we are visiting ackbuk on 4th August, we have found it helpful, look forward to it thank you. Rachel cunniffe xx
Rachel Cunniffe - Bury greater Manchester
29 July 2012
good site for information.
jackie - akbuk
17 July 2012
Looking forward to two weeks holiday this summer, your website is great , I get the feeling the holiday will be interesting, fun, relaxing - can't wait to arrive. Thank you for the extra information.
Squire - Haslemere
15 July 2012
Our second visit to Akbuk. Our friends bought an appartment in Royal Blue Resort and have had some problems. However, my wife and I enjoyed the town so much this year that we are in the process of buying an appartment on a small complex in town.
Derek and Linda - Billericay, Essex, UK.
08 July 2012
Just read your article on Sue Lawson and would like to commend you on it. You have obviously been to a lot of trouble putting it together. We bought property in Akbuk and live here,apart from the usual haggling never had any problems in the buying process. Hope these people get there just desserts. Well done Rob.
Pete - Akbuk
25 June 2012
We have friends who rent an apartment in Akbuk, so i am interested to learn about it. We may come for a holiday sometime.
Valerie Davies - Stoupa, Peloponnese, Greece.
15 May 2012
In my view the most informative and helpful site in the whole area. Thank you.
Tom Parrington - St Annes - Lancashire
11 May 2012
hoping to visit akbuk very soon, have been a few times and it is beautiful :-)
sarah copson - loughborough
10 May 2012
Really helpful site guys and anyone who is looking its well worth making a donation for the brochure. It is going to help me no end when I visit in July.
Scott Hindle - Aberdeen, Scotland
07 May 2012
Many thanks to Maureen for contributing the video clip of the cycle tour and a big thank you to Rob & Marie for posting it. It is a compliment to you the efforts you go to to keep us part timers informed of local activity.
Scottie - UK North
30 April 2012
very nice and helpfull
Jef Ivens - Belgium / Ufuk Hillside
25 April 2012
This website is still great Guys, congratulations please continue the good work.
Matt & Hazel Clempner - Manchester
21 April 2012
We will be in Akbuk in June,this is our 4th year,we love the fact it's typically Turkish.we are looking forward to seeing the sun set while having a meal and a pint of tuborg.
Sean&Jane - Burntwood
20 April 2012
Will be holidaying in September and already your website has proved very informative. Haven't received your brochure yet but am looking forward to receiving it with interest. Thank you for such an interesting and varied website.
Linda - Lincoln
18 April 2012
A most informative website and very well laid out. This is my forth visit to Akbuk, and each time I look up this web page for up to date information. Well done and Thank You.
Pauline - Kidderminster
09 April 2012
We have just bought a property in Akbuk and it was great to find your website that offers so much information. We are looking forward to lots of holidays in Turkey and I will be a regular visitor to your webpage
Lynda Deeney - Oldbury
05 April 2012
Nice to find a website which deals about Akbük - and which is operated by Akbük Residents.
Gerhard - Akbük (Turkey) / Hooksiel (Germany)
14 March 2012
Also found your website via Icmeler online, looking at the new Visa rules. Very interesting website with a wealth of useful information. Akbuk looks very nice..... may well visit.
jivebunnie0 - Clacton on Sea, Essex
06 March 2012
hi just got back from Akbuk , omg wat a storm last nite , god help any body holidaying in Didim the front is a mess less couple of days lovelly an warm earller freezin our curtians off Eddie great fella .
heva - birkenhead
29 February 2012
Merhaba Rob and Marie!! I´m married to a turkish man and now we are looking for a property i Akbuk! This was a perfect website and gave us the ultimate information about Akbuk. Keep up the good work the donation will come soon!!! :)
Johanna - Jonkoping Sweden
23 February 2012
your doing a great job,well done
bolin3876 - brighton
19 February 2012
Two of the of the best people you could meet. You are always there for others and give up your time to help other's. You keep people up to date with what is going on and you tell it as you see it. keep up the great work you do Rob. Marie is a real star giving up her time for the people of Akbuk by organising trips and walks for people to take part in. You are both a credit. Take care and keep up the really good work you do.
Keith - Akbuk
13 February 2012
found your website on Icmeleronline concerning new visa rules. have been reading for last hour great site and Akbuk looks interesting, keep up your good work.
eddie williams - liverpool
11 February 2012
You have created a brilliant website which is full of information and useful tips. Thank you.
Stephen Sutton - London
02 February 2012
Hi 1st visit 2nite enjoyed visiting your web site, can I come back and visit again?
Graham - The Toon/Newcastle
01 February 2012
brilliant website, very informative! just bought the leaflet re turkish bank accounts.really handy to know keep up the good work!
lyn mulligan - doncaster
29 January 2012
We visited Akbuck last year and looking forward to coming back in July 2012 with friends.
Kevin-Liz - Bishop Auckland County Durham
28 January 2012
Hello, I found your site via the Turkish Life Forums, which pointed to your excellent article on the new Turkish Visa laws. A very impressive web site!
Stuart - Preston/Yesilkent
20 January 2012
Well its a new year again and I am sure I will find your site as useful this year as the previous two. Its a great joy to be able to find out about any changes in the local area before we head out on each visit, especially the restaurants and some of the guides you have kindly produced. To get you going for this year I have made a small donation towards your running costs, not much just a few £s, as they say every little helps. Thanks for the information and keep up the good work for 2012.
Scottie - United Kingdom, North
16 January 2012
Hello, We visited Akbuk in December last. We decided to buy a property in Serenity Heights. Thanks to your site, we have chosen Akbuk for our holiday stay!!!
Frank Baeyens - Dentergem Belgium
07 January 2012
very interesting & useful informations
maura & grahame - yalikavak
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