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Own property in Akbuk or Didim/Altinkum area’s and want to rent?

This is the page for you !

To find renters you need to advertise on the web - That's where we can help at low cost.

Our 4 Sale & Rent page features prominently in Google search results and receives a great many visitors.

The cost to be featured is just £15 (no vat) for 12 months or equivalent in your currency.

For that you get 4 small photos, descriptive comments and a personal secure contact form for interested parties to contact you direct. You are entirely in control of your arrangements and dealings with your clients.

To book your feature on our 4 Sale & Rent page please complete this form and we will get back to you with a sample for your approval.

If you want to get real professional how about your own website.

£80 will get you a cracking 7-8 page website (we build it) to advertise your property for rent AND a photo link feature on our website.

Here's what you get:
Example here Summerbreeze.

The £80 is a one off charge to build your website. There is an annual charge of £20 to maintain the site and pay for the web space, this is included in the initial £80. There are NO CHARGES for any alterations you require at any time. There is NO VAT.

Why pay £80 for a website when will just take 3%?

For a start they don't just take 3% from you, they also take 6% from anyone making a booking, that's a whopping 9% off the top PLUS VAT. Alternatively you could pay them an annual fee of £359 per year PLUS VAT.

They also hold your money until after the letting if you use their 9% option. That means if a renter chooses to lodge a complaint you have no control of the money and THEY may choose to give a refund.

The big holiday rental websites are routinely targeted by fraudsters. You or someone wishing to rent your property could be ripped off and the big websites take no responsibility and will offer zero help. Don't take our word for it Google "holiday letting scams". On that point if you use our services we will require the address of the property so we can check you are the actual owner or agent. All information you provide us with will be treated as highly confidential but knowing you are the owner/agent allows us to reassure potential renters.

We have no access to your bookings money or renters communications - That's your business.

If you choose to take online payments we can link a bookings form to your Paypal email address. Alternatively you might prefer renters to pay you direct. Entirely your choice.

We don't have contracts.

Feel free to stop using our services at any time.

To discuss your website requirements please email us:

Successful renters have professional websites!