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Own property in Akbuk or Didim/Altinkum area’s and want to sell?

This is the page for you !

To find potential buyers you need to advertise on the web - That's where we can help at low cost.

Our 4 Sale & Rent page features prominently in Google search results and receives a great many visitors.

Our website is predominately visited by British and Europeans.

The main reason people visit our site is because they are interested in or have connections with Akbuk.
Last year (2016) 140,558 people visited this website.

The cost to be featured is just £20 (no vat) for 12 months or equivalent in your currency.

For that you get 4 small photos, descriptive comments and a personal secure contact form for interested parties to contact you direct. So then YOU can start a dialogue with them (answer questions, send photos etc.) with a view to making a sale.

Even if you are using a local agent to sell your property finding you own buyer is advantageous.

You would have direct contact with the buyer, you can agree the price, you would know how much it was sold for, you can negotiate a better commission with the agent, you can be paid direct.

To book your feature on our 4 Sale & Rent page please complete this form and we will get back to you with a sample for your approval.

If you want to get real professional how about your own website.

£60 will get you a cracking 4-5 page website (we build it) to advertise your property AND a provide a photo link feature on our website.

Here's what you get:
Example here Villa By The Sea For Sale.

The £60 is a one off charge to build your website. Should you need the site for more than one year there is an annual charge of £20 to maintain the site and pay for the web space, this is included in the initial £60. There are NO CHARGES for any alterations you require at any time. There is NO VAT. Hopefully you won't need the site for long.

Why pay £60 for a website when agents will put it on their sites for free?

That rather depends on how keen you are to sell and for what price. Have you ever noticed the same property being offered in Turkey by different agents at different prices? Yes they jack the price up and pocket the difference at the same time charging both buyer & seller commissions. Perhaps you don't care as long as you get what you want but the problem with that practice is it puts buyers off. If I want to buy a house I want to know what the TRUE asking price is.

On an agents site you are one of many, on your own site you are one of one.
To discuss your website requirements please email us: