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How To Get Your Foreigners Identity Number On-line

This information applies only to holders of Turkish Residence Permits.

The Foreigner Identity Number (FIN) is called Yabancı Kimlik Numarasi (YKN) in Turkish. Don't confuse the YKN with the TKN (Turkish Identity Number) that one is allocated to Turkish citizens.

It is important to note that all resident ex-pats holding proper residence permits have this number. At present the requirements for the use of this number are limited  but as time progresses you will be asked for your YKN more often.

The YKN began to be used for tax identification as of 1st July 2010, so the YKN should be presented as a tax number in some situations including but not limited to:-

Note: In some situations your standard Turkish tax number (Vergi Numerasi), which you obtained from your local tax office, will suffice.

To obtain your YKN you could visit your local Nufus offıce, but here's an easier way:-
Go to this secure website
You will see the following page - We have added guidance notes to the screenshots in GREEN
The link will take you to the page below
Enter your details in the two boxes
(Note: Year of birth not date of birth also note the forward slash in the Resident Permit No.)
Enter the Captcha code then press the "Query"
The following section will appear below
This shows your Kimlik number and other details relating to you
Important Notes:

This information, website link & screenshots are relevant as of October 2012. We will try our best to update this page as soon as possible if anything should change.

If you have very recently obtained your first Residence Permit it will obviously take some time until your YKN is available on-line, maybe a week or a month, we don't know.