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Website Newsletter (or Rob's Corner)

This page is to keep regular readers of our website informed of changes to the actual site (not Akbuk news etc) and some of the services we offer. There's more happens on this website than you might realise.

September 2016

This is probably the final update to the live UK TV website we started in February

The new site has proved very popular with people who who have visited Turkey this year and more so with many folk who have made this country their home. But No Hassle TV is not just for Turkey, it can be accessed anywhere in world you have a reasonable internet connection.

The website has matured and grown but still clutter and advertising free. We now have a solid core of over 30 UK TV channels including a couple of Major news channels FilmOn don't have. ALL Sky & BT Sports channels most in both HD and SD resolutions, Racing UK, a pretty sizeable UK live radio selection, 14 live food and wine channels, 50 (to date) HD resolution movies on demand most released within the last 2 years and box office hits I have even added a section called "Just For Laughs" where I have published a load of carefully selected predominately British hilarious short sketches because we all enjoy a laugh now and again. This is a complete entertainment site.

To gain access to No Hassle TV registration is now mandatory but FREE. You do not require any VPN or proxy server, we have taken care of that at our end, you only need a computer or Ipad or similar device, you do not need to download or install anything, although we do advise a FREE adblocker for the sports channels and provide all the links to download our recommendation from legitimate sources.

I will give new members a reasonable length of time to decide if they want to keep the service, if not there is no need to do anything as my system will automatically delete their membership when their trial period is up. If they choose to remain in our club I will expect a donation towards our bandwidth and operating costs. I anticipate our limited membership will probably be full by the end of the year or first quarter of next year, it's hard to say at the moment, but when the site nears its bandwidth allocation I will close membership. Therefore those who joined this year expecting to hop in & out when it suits them without contributing will be out of luck. I do not not restrict members either in download bandwidth or time on site but it does have to be managed carefully.

This is no ordinary internet UK TV site - This IS the best!

February 2016

New live UK TV section

Our UK TV via Kodi went down again and I said to the wife "enough is enough I'm going to build our own service", so I grabbed a bunch of feeds from FilmOn and did just that.

FilmOn is OK but there is sooo much clutter and until you get used to it finding your way around the site can be frustrating to say the least. Well that's not the case here, our service is clean, fast and clutter free, you don't need a VPN or anything other than your browser, you don't need to register there is no sign in procedure to get in your way. Just click & watch, there are 28 channels and no time limit.

I hope you find it useful.

November 2015

I have added 4 animated backgrounds to the Weather App collection for those who like to keep an eye on the LOCAL weather forecast. These are built with modern coding techniques to be lightweight so users on limited download or low powered devices (such as Ipads) need not worry, they are not videos. Due to being built with modern code they will not work on old or crappy browsers.

There are now 16 backgrounds to choose from.
What other weather forecast service gives you sooo much choice for customisation?

New 3D image viewer

I have completely revamped the Photo's section and built what we consider to be a gorgeous 3D Image Viewer based on a jQuery image slider. It's light weight and presents the collection in 5 albums giving the viewer controls for auto-play or easy scrolling (assuming your browser is not in the category I mentioned above).

New section

I have built & added a new little section for the Akbuk Walking Group. Some good photos and video there.

What's changed & what's new (Sept 2015)

Navigation Menu

Regular readers will have noticed I recently redesigned the side menu, I hope you like it. The main reason for the change is the vast increase in the use of Ipad's and other mobile devices. People with fat fingers struggled to hit the right links.

Bigger Text

No it isn't your eyesight getting better or your new glasses I have actually changed the font and increased the size together with the line spacing. To be honest I was starting to struggle with it myself (old age) and I don't want to wear out my best glasses by looking through them.

Support for old browsers discontinued

For years I have been held back from introducing new technical features which would enhance this website because they just won't work in old legacy browsers such as Internet Explorers 7,8 & 9. well not any longer. I have removed hundreds of lines of code written specifically for old web browsers, the result is a cleaner, leaner, faster website with better colours, shadings and animations which can only be appreciated on modern browsers. For the technical among you I code to HTML5 and CSS3 standards compliance with a sprinkling of Javascript and jQuery mixed in.

If you are using an old outdated web browser there are many choices to upgrade for free, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. Give one two a try, you will notice many websites look better. As a web developer working on Linux I personally use Chromium, Pale Moon and Opera. Even the latest Microsoft "Edge" browser still lags behind the others.

New 4 Sale & Rent Page

As more of us yabancilar look to sell (and rent) their properties we thought we would offer a service to help promote said properties to other foreign buyers. No way do we want to get involved in the emlak business but advertising on our website could help some to find buyers or renters. We do make a charge for this feature but it's very small.

Visa Calculator Withdrawn

Our massively popular Tourist Visa Dates Calculator was withdrawn a couple of months ago. It was a victim of its own success and the only accurate tool for job available on the web specifically built to calculate dates in regards to the Turkish Visa and 90 in 180 days rules.

Tens of Thousands were being downloaded every year but despite us asking for small coin to support the application only two people bothered to make a contribution. In the end we had to make a decision to continue to pay for the additional bandwidth ourselves and be out of pocket or pull the plug on it. The free app was a serious drain on our limited website resources so had to go. I've always thought the Turkish government should provide such an app for free, at the end of the day they are the ones who get the visa money and rake in millions from tourists.

Anyway we're back to a much more affordable quota for site downloads now so we can look to offering more FREEBIES. . . . Such as . . . .

Turkish Currency App

A handy little tool for quickly converting Euros, British Pounds or US Dollars to & from Turkish Lira. Yes I know any old currency converter will do the job but these ones have been specially built to be no nonsense easy to use tools and fit well on Ipad's and other mobile devices. Check it out (scroll down the page).

Akbuk Weather App

The feed is from a weather station just 5 Km away not the other side of Bodrum and claiming to be Akbuk by some fancy code manipulation reacting to your search like AccuWeather. Check it out (now 16 backgrounds to choose from).

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