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Restaurants in Akbuk

There are over 20 permanent restaurant/bars in Akbuk and quite a few more street cafés spring up in the summer season.

Menus these days tends to be more geared towards the holiday makers and most establishments offer a range of international dishes, steaks and fish. Whilst more than adequate for average visitor/tourist, traditional Turkish cuisine is hard to find in Akbuk now. If you're the kind of traveller who want to experience local cuisines your best options would be to seek out such restaurants as Garden Mehmet and Pizza Hatti, which are both a little south of the town centre.

Turkish grills are definitely worth sampling, dishes like Beyti Sarma, Iskender and Ali Nazik will have you returning for more. Turkish Mezes served as a starter with lavash bread are so varied and filling you will hardly have room for your main course.

If English breakfasts, burgers and chips are your preferred choices, you will be more than catered for in Akbuk, although being a Muslim town pork is not usually on the menu.

Alcohol is heavily taxed in Turkey, especially imported drinks, so watch out if hitting those shorts or cocktails as the bill might end up more than you expected.

End of Season

Well folks once again the season here in Akbuk has come to an end and us locals are organising ourselves for our various winter activities such as the walking group etc.

We shall try to keep our readers informed of who is still open although very few restaurants take the trouble to tell us they are staying open, it would seem they would rather sit there with no customers than ask us to publish the info for free.

Many establishments also close early over the winter if they have no customers so again it can be difficult to establish what's actually happening but we will attempt to compile a list of who we know are open and when.


Every Tuesday from around 8:30pm. Pub quiz. Everyone welcome.


Every Friday from around 9pm. Pub quiz. Everyone welcome.
And that's all there is in the way of "entertainment" at the moment
Sad isn't it!
Attention bar / restaurant proprietors
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