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Turkish Tourist Visa Information - eVisa and Calculator

Information updated 03 March 2014

(Applies to 63 countries including UK and European passport holders).

Tourists and visitors require a visa to enter Turkey unless you hold a Residence Permit. Tourist/visitors visas last for 180 days but holders are only allowed to stay in Turkey for up to 90 days in ANY 180 day period. Multiple visits are allowed provided the total number of days does not exceed 90. All calculations should include both the entry and exit dates, no matter what time of day or night.

Visas should be obtained on-line BEFORE you travel to Turkey (see below for details).

Passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry and at least 3 months from the date you leave.

Overstaying the 90 in 180 days or remaining in Turkey after a visa expires will result in a fine and possible re-entry ban. Regular visitors should be careful when planning their dates as the 90 day in ANY 180 day period could span more than one visa.

Things have changed since 2012

The "old" system allowed 90 days in Turkey for every new visa purchased and was based on the date you purchased your visa and the dates calculated moving forward.

The "new" system still allows 90 days but they now count back from your last day of exit. It is called the Schengen or "count back" system. This means when you exit Turkey they will count back 180 days and then calculate how many days you have resided in Turkey within that 180 days.

Visa Calculator If you are in any doubt we urge you to use our FREE spreadsheet based calculator which can help to check how these rules will affect your travel plans.
Simply enter your dates and the start date of your visa. .xls download

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Online calculator

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Online Visa Applications - How To:

Visitors should now obtain tourist visas online before they come - The whole procedure can take as little as three minutes.

Go to this website www.evisa.gov.tr/en/ read the information and requirements and click on the "Make a new application" link, you will need your passport details and debit/credit card to hand.

The price is 20 USD.

Overstaying your visa can result in a heavy fine (which increases depending on the time spent over the time limit) and/or a ban on re-entering Turkey for up to five years, depending on the length of the overstay and you would also need to apply for your next visa from your nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate overseas before returning to Turkey.

Departing Turkey without paying the relevant fine will lead to an automatic five year ban on re-entry.

The alternative to the restrictive Tourist Visa would be to apply for a Residence Permit