The buying process

The process for a foreigner to buy real estate in Turkey has been simplified lately and military clearance may not now be required.

Any new foreign buyers does not have to re-apply for military approval if the property has already been approved for foreign ownership since 5 May 2011.

We believe this property has previously been cleared.

You need to make sure the title deed of the property is free of any debt, you can appoint a lawyer to do this or we can recommend one.

Your lawyer will need to draw up a contract between the seller and purchaser, included should be details of the completion date, payment schedule and any terms & conditions. The contract should state the purchase price.

You are strongly advised to get your contact notarised, you need to have both an English and Turkish versions of the contract which is signed in the presence of a notary public. This will ensure that the contract is officially accepted by Turkish law and that the terms within the contact are binding for all parties.

When the notarised contract is signed by all parties, a deposit is usually paid, the amount of which needs to be agreed by both parties.

Foreigners are required to obtain a Foreigner Identity Number (Yabanc─▒ Kimlik Numarasi (YKN) when purchasing a property in Turkey (If they do not already hold a Turkish Residence Permit). To obtain a Foreigner Identity Number you will need to submit a copy of your passport(s), a written letter in Turkish stating the reason why you need the F.I.N. and they will also complete a bilingual form provided by the T.N.P. Foreigners Department. This Replaces the need for a Turkish tax number to purchase the property. This can normally be done the same day.

When the purchaser pays the balance to the seller or his/her agent both parties go to the local Tapu office to transfer the Title Deed.

The costs involved:

After buying a property in Turkey, you are allowed to rent and to re-sell your property like any other Turkish owner. You are also allowed to transfer profits to foreign bank accounts or accounts in your home country.

Any questions please just ask.